New Roofs

Roofs are an essential part of any building, which is why at ZSP Roofing, we are proud to install them and to work with such a wide variety of clients. We provide roof work for both domestic clients and commercial clients.

Our skilled and trust-worthy employees provide roof installations for:

  • New builds: Be it commercial or domestic, we are always willing to install new flat or pitched roofs .

  • Extensions and Flats: As well as fitting new roofs for extensions, our staff are also trained to install high quality guttering for extensions!! We ensure that we consistently reach the standard that our clients expect.

  • Lofts: We ensure that new roofs for lofts closely match the existing roofs of the property.

  • Commercial and domestic: We are eager to take on any kind of project, big or small. We believe that every roof should be installed to the highest standard.

  • Letting and estate agents: We engage with estate agents to renovate and restore roofs on properties that are to be sold.

Flat Roofing


We offer both single-ply flat roofing systems and three-layer felt roofing systems to residential clients.

Single-ply systems ensure that a roof is waterproof and durable in one layer. We use many different materials in our single ply systems, including PVC, TPO and TPE. These materials offer fantastic benefits in flat roofing, as they are lightweight, flexible, weather resistant, temperature resistant, UV resistant and resistant to microorganisms. These benefits ensure that each new roof will be durable and long lasting for our clients. Our skilled workmanship ensures that these roofs are always installed correctly, quickly, and safely.

Slate Roofing & Lead Work

At ZSP roofing, we provide quick, cost effective and quality solutions to accommodate the roofing needs of buildings. The services that we provide offer workmanship that is of the very best standard.


We provide roofing solutions with a wide range of slates, either naturally occurring or man-made, each slate comes with its own advantage. We work closely with each customer to ensure that the slates chosen are tailored to each project we complete.

Roofing Repairs 


We specialise in all kinds of roof repairs . We ensure that every repair we carry out is completed efficiently, correctly, and to a very high standard.


Leaks in roofing can occur for a variety of reasons - a loose tile or even the natural degeneration or mortar. ZSP Roofing never takes short cuts when it comes to repairs and the safety of our clients; all work is carried out thoroughly and to the highest standard. We typically repair leaks by utilising our high-quality lead work. Flashing is a process which essentially seals the gap where two surfaces meet. This is most commonly done using high quality lead to fill in the meeting point. Other common roof leaks come from gutters. Our team expertly use sealants to repair gutters and use flashing to repair other aspects of a roof. Our qualified team ensure that preventative measures are taken to areas that may be prone to leaks in the future.